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(New type) 85 extruder
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Product description

I. Equipment functions:
The application fields of the twin-screw extruder cover the processing fields of agricultural products deep-processed breakfast convenient porridge, nutritious rice, breakfast cereals, leisure puffed food, drawing protein, modified starch, pet food, and aquatic feed.
The twin screw extruder is composed of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a rotary cutting system, a heating system, a cooling system, a transmission system, and a control system. This machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, diverse production products, variable frequency speed regulation, high degree of automation, stable operation and long service life.
Full-function twin-screw extruder mainframe, better equipment performance, sturdy and durable gear box, screw block combination, suitable for a wider range of products, barrel with inlay alloy sleeve structure, more durable and durable.
Performance parameters:
Motor performance: variable frequency speed regulation of main motor, feeding motor and rotary cutting motor
Frame: carbon steel frame and outer skin stainless steel optional
Gear box: the box bearing is nsk, the gear is high-strength alloy nitrided steel, the transmission ratio is 1: 2.9, and the oil meter uses a shock-proof oil meter
Gearbox cooling: Forced external cooling system of the box lubricant, bucket filtering, providing a higher working environment for the gearbox
Screw: The screw is made of alloy steel and the modular screw.
Barrel: The barrel is a square or round barrel, with an alloy steel bushing inside and an outer layer of 45 #. The barrel is shaped to cool the water channel.
Heating control: resistance heating or steam heating structure
Cooling control: independent control of each area, automatic control of electric heating, manual control of steam heating
Rotary cutting: Open-door push-pull rotary cutting device is easy to disassemble. All machined parts use electroplating standards. Beautiful shape rotary cutting cover material is 201
Feeding machine: Forced feeding and feeding, quantitative feeding by the feeding screw, uniform and stable feeding.
Control cabinet: PLC touch screen control or button control 

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