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(Conventional) 85 type extruder
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Product description

I. Equipment functions:
Extrusion technology, as one of the high-tech of modern food engineering, is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research and teaching of scientific research institutions, covering cereal food, snack food and feed, brewing, modified starch and other processing fields in the agricultural product processing industry.
Composition of equipment system:
(1) Power drive system: Transmission motor, belt, reducer distribution box; screw speed: 0-380 frequency conversion
(2) Extrusion system: It is composed of screw, barrel and connecting section; the screw is 38crmoal material, the nitriding depth is 5mm, wear-resistant and durable, the barrel is GB 45 steel, and the clearance with the screw is controlled within 0.5mm
(3) Heating system: It consists of a heating ring that surrounds the barrel; according to different models, it is composed of a plurality of independently controlled heating areas, and the temperature is precisely controlled.
(4) Electrical control system: centralized electrical control, PLC touch screen and knob control
(5) Rotary cutting system; The rotary cutting system consists of a rotary cutting motor, a belt, and a selection cutter.
(6) Oil circulation system: Gear pump, pipeline, oil pressure gauge, fuel tank, distribution box. The oil pump drives the oil to forcibly circulate in the oil tank and the distribution box to lubricate the bearings inside the distribution box
(7) Water cooling system; cooling and cooling the barrel. Precise temperature control, reasonable configuration according to different processed products
(6) The equipment casing is stainless steel. 

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