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(Conventional) drying box
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Product description

Brief introduction: Xilang series tunnel reciprocating oven has a wide range of application, and it can dry all kinds of bar, sheet, block, granular and other puffed food or other materials. According to product characteristics and output requirements, equipped with different layers, different lengths, different heat sources, to meet the requirements of the majority of users. According to the heat source, it can be divided into electric heating structure, natural gas heating structure, and equipment characteristics.
Classification: steam, oil, gas, electric heating oven can choose bottom heating, external heating and top heating according to the heating method;
Use category: direct heating structure at the bottom, popular due to simple structure, low investment cost, and the highest market utilization
Products: Top heating is used on the surface of baked puffed food materials with high oil content. Oil dripping products, the top heating is safer and easier to clean; the external heating oven has a variety of drying products and uses less energy.
Oven feeding method: You can directly use the climbing structure and the outside to feed into the dryer bed with the help of a conveyor. The direct climbing dryer structure can more intuitively observe the material distribution situation, which is mostly used in production lines with large output ; With the small area of the oven with external feeding, the installation is convenient, and it is mostly used for the production line configuration of a single extruder.
Oven Features
1. The whole machine is designed reasonably, compact and easy to operate.
2 The whole machine adopts double-pitch roller chain drive, reciprocating drying, running smoothly without jamming. 3, 5, 7, 10-layer dryers can be designed according to the site and products, with bandwidth specifications of 1000mm \ 1200mm
3Drying temperature, 60-150 ° adjustable
4.Drying time; 15-40min variable speed
The parts in contact with food are made of 201 or stainless steel, which meets the national standard for hygienic use
The heat insulation layer uses high temperature resistant aluminum silicate, which has good heat insulation effect, high heat source utilization rate and low loss.

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