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Large-scale microwave drying equipment adopts new microwave drying technology and equipment. Can achieve pollution-free and uniform drying of materials,
At the same time, the drying temperature can be greatly reduced. In addition, the drying speed is usually increased several times, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the drying energy consumption is greatly increased.
Usually reduced by more than 50%, fully meets national environmental protection standards, and ultimately achieves safe, clean and efficient production.

Parameters of large-scale microwave drying equipment:
Large-scale industrial microwave drying process reduces energy consumption by more than 40% compared to traditional processes, provides more than 50 times the power, and revolutionarily reduces production costs.
Bringing the company's lasting core competitiveness to the trust of customers. The company researched and developed various models according to GMP, FDA, QS certification and other standards

Industry applications:

Microwave drying and sterilization of fruit preserves
Drying, sterilizing, insecticidal and ripening of grains such as walnuts, black sesame, peanuts, red dates, lotus seeds and chestnuts
Drying and sterilization of jujube slices, dried dates, whole dates, and crisp dates
Drying and sterilizing wild vegetables; drying and sterilizing pepper products and flowers
Drying and sterilization of dehydrated vegetables
Edible fungi are dry and insecticidal; drying and sterilizing shrimp skins.
Mineral microwave drying equipment is mainly used for drying and dehydration of mineral materials. Mineral microwave drying equipment has the characteristics of fast drying speed and short time. Microwave equipment heating is a new type of heating. No pollution, no energy consumption, no need for heat conduction, uniform heating, simultaneous heating of materials inside and outside, extremely fast drying speed, for chemical products with a moisture content of less than 35%, the drying speed can be shortened compared to conventional drying equipment that rely on heat conduction. Several times drying time.
When the mineral microwave drying equipment is heated, the microwave energy directly acts on the molecules of the medium and converts it into heat energy. Because the microwave has the penetrating property to heat the inside and outside of the medium at the same time, no heat conduction is required, so the heating speed is very fast. Because the medium of the material is heated both inside and outside, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the material is small, which greatly improves the drying efficiency.
Compared with traditional drying equipment, mineral microwave drying equipment has the following advantages:
1. High efficiency and no waste of energy. Microwave energy directly acts on the material itself. The microwave stainless steel heating and drying cabinet and air do not need to be heated.
2. Fast drying speed. The microwave heats and dries the material inside and outside at the same time, and the moisture diffuses and evaporates from the inside to the outside.
3.No thermal inertia
4. Safety and environmental protection. Clean energy is used, and no waste is generated during the operation of the equipment.
5. Simple operation and easy to control. The equipment adopts full automation control, pipeline operation, and high degree of mechanization.


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