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Instant rice production line
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Product description


Convenience rice (egg fried rice) and convenient breakfast congee food production lines are food production equipment developed by our company based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the characteristics of China's food production enterprises. The production line equipment adapts to the big shape of rice flour forced out in China, which is being implemented in China, and meets people's requirements for balanced nutrition. The production line has a high degree of automation and energy saving.
Convenience rice refers to the staple food that is produced on a large scale by industrialization, and only needs to be cooked or eaten directly before consumption. The flavor, taste, and shape are consistent with ordinary rice. Convenient rice is easy to eat, easy to carry, and has a natural rice flavor. Simple to use, existing self-heating type and boiling water immersion type
Convenient rice production process:
Raw material mixing-extrusion granulation-vibration cooling-drying-microwave sterilization-secondary drying-cooling-packaging
Technical parameters of production line


70production line

75production line

Installed capacity 



Real power 



Production capacity 








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