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Puffed snack food production line
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Product description

Beveled bread slice is a new generation of baking food production line developed by Jinan Xilang Machinery Company. It has a high degree of automation from raw material preparation, extrusion puffing, molding, cutting, baking, spraying, seasoning to finished products in one operation.
This production line has the characteristics of multiple models, flexible configuration, wide range of raw materials, multiple product types, and simple operation. The production line configuration can produce baking-type bread slices with flour as the main raw material. Adding several production equipment can produce Taiwan rice cakes. , Sandwich tube, sandwich rice cracker, wheat roast, wheat-flavored chicken flavored block, nutritious breakfast, corn flakes and other products. The puffed food is crispy, easy to digest, unique in flavor, and easy to carry. It is an ideal snack food for consumers.
First, the production line process: raw material preparation → powder mixing → transportation → extrusion puffing → plastic cutting → transportation → drying → fuel injection → seasoning → packaging
Equipment configuration and technical parameters



Production line configuration




Snack foods 

Powder Mixer-Screw Conveyor-Puffing Machine-Air Conveyor-Dryer-Automatic Seasoning Machine





Sandwich food 

Powder Mixer-Screw Conveyor-Puffing Machine-Multifunctional Shaping Machine-Sandwich Machine-Drying Machine-Automatic Seasoning Machine





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